Who is the designer

Well first off I'll say this; I don't really like the word webmaster because I think it sounds stupid, what that says about me is up for you to decide. Anyways, here is some stuff about me!

Name: Cor(rina)




Langs: English, French, Swedish, Spanish, a bit of Danish, the works.

Age: I am a teenager.

I love: Cannibalism as a metaphor for love, films, tv, literature, art, linguistics.

Personality type: I/ENTJ, 8w7

Stuff: I am diagnosed with OCD and OCPD, as well as mild compulsive skin picking. If you are experiencing difficulties with such illnesses I encourage you to seek therapy/psychiatric opinion. Some sights that might help: Obessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Body Dysmorphic Disorder Do not self diagnose from these, you likely do not have these disorders, if you feel you do, seek a meeting with someone who can diagnose and help you. Do not say you have these disorders if you are not OFFICIALLY diagnosed, or at least don't say it on my sight.

Random questionare answers

Birthday: February 15th

Height: 5'3"/160 cm (I'm really short)

Clothing Size: XS/0

Shoe Size: 7-7 1/2


Color: Red, white, green

Flower: Tulip

Food: I very much like fruit and pastries

Drink: Any tea

Season: Autumn

Music Genre: Classical, new wave, jazz

Movies: Jagten, Boyhood, La Bataille D'Alger, The White Ribbon

Flavors: Mango, pomegranite, vanilla, chocolate, cream.

Animal: Fawn + dog

Musicians: Sign Crushes Motorist, The Smiths, Beastie Boys, Pixies, Miracle Music, AlexG, Lana Del Rey, etc

Least Favorite

Color: Purple

Flower: Pansy

Food: Mushrooms + cottage cheese

Drink: Soda (makes my throw up)

Season: Summer

Animal: Cats (severely allergic lmaoo)

X or X

Morning or Night Person: Morning person

Lefty or Righty: Ambidextrous

Introvert or Extrovert: Probably Extrovert

Messy or Neat Person: Neat

Stripes of Polka-Dot: Stripes fs

Random Long Questions

How many siblings do you have?: One younger brother by almost three years.

What is your go-to fast food order?: Fast food makes me throw up, so none.

Do you have any bad habits?: Pick at my skin until I bleed and also I have dulled pain receptors so I get injured a lot, not on purpose I just don't care enough.

How many countries have you travelled to?: Mexico, England, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Czechia, Poland, Sweden, Costa Rica, France. So 10.

What is your best physical feature?: I like my nose and eyes a lot, also my cheekbones, they're very defined and sharp.