Hannibal is a psychological thriller/horror tv series developed by Bryan Fuller (I hate him!) for NBC. It's based on the novels by Thomas Harris (think Silence of the Lambs), it's pretty similar to the novels except Hannibal is more sassy and fashionable. There are three seasons, with 13 episodes each, the show aired in April 2013. Hannibal was cancelled in June 2015 due to low ratings, though I would also say it was in part because the show was becoming too batshit insane for NBC. There's a lot of religious and philisophical discussion which I find very interesting, then again, maybe Hannibal was just hungry.

Anyways, this sort of section on my site will mainly be focused on images and writing that I associate with the show, I'm not going to write some giant synopsis because I don't want to!!! Though I would highly suggest that anyone interested should watch the show, it is, in my opinion, one of the best cinematic productions to date. If you are interested in watching; some warnings, there is a lot of gore in the show and it's definitely not for squemish people. The dialogue is amazingly written but quite difficult to understand if you are not very literate, you probably won't understand a lot of the references if you haven't read a bit of philosophy or old literature. It is available on hulu, but you can pirate it ig.

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